Donald Trump continues to play medical record three-card monte, as the former president released a short note from his doctor instead of his medical records.

Here is Trump’s latest attempt at hiding his health records:

Donald Trump got away with not releasing his medical records during the 2016 election and refused medical information while he was president. Trump and his administration lied about how sick he was with COVID, and there remain suspicious trips to Walter Reed that have never been adequately explained.

In contrast, President Biden released a 5-page health summary of his most recent physical in 2023. Trump’s note from his doctor was not even five paragraphs long.

President Biden released decades of his medical history and records in 2019. The records included specifics about what Biden has been treated for and when.

Trump’s vague note from his doctor notably contained many generalities but no specifics.

The question that the American people need to ask is, what is Donald Trump trying to hide from the voters? If Trump is as healthy as he claims, he should be racing to release as much detailed information as possible.

The fact that Trump has told the American people nothing specific about his health while Joe Biden has been an open book should tell voters all they need to know about which candidate they can trust in the White House.


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