The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor said that the Sde Teman camp, where the Israeli army holds the majority of detainees from the Gaza Strip, has turned into “a new Guantánamo prison in which the dignity of detainees is insulted and the worst forms of torture and abuse are practiced against them.”

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor called for urgent international action to stop the violations suffered by Palestinian detainees released from the Gaza Strip, including women and children, and are related to “cruel torture and treatment degrading to human dignity.”

The Observatory revealed in its report that there is no accurate number of detainees from the Gaza Strip, while the Israeli army recently announced that the number of detainees is 2,300, while estimates indicate that the number of detainees based on the testimonies of those released is much greater than that and amounts to several thousand.

The source pointed out that the Sde Teman camp, which is run by the Israeli army and is located between the cities of Beersheba and Gaza in the south and where the majority of detainees from the Gaza Strip are held, has turned into a new Guantánamo prison in which the dignity of detainees is violated and the worst forms of torture and abuse are practiced against them while depriving them of food and treatment.

The human rights report explained that the Observatory received testimonies from a group of detainees released during the past few days, “in which they spoke of their exposure to harsh practices that amounted to torture, which included brutal and retaliatory beatings, releasing dogs at them, ghosting them for long hours, completely stripping them of their clothes, depriving them of food, and going to classes.” “Water.”

The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory pointed out that the most serious testimonies it received were “female detainees being subjected to direct sexual harassment,” explaining that a number of female detainees who refused to reveal their identities “reported that Israeli soldiers harassed them, including placing their hands on private parts, and forcing them to strip naked and remove their hijab.” .

The report added that Israeli soldiers “also directed threats of rape and indecent assault to female detainees and their families, as part of a process of torture and blackmail to force them to provide information about others.”

In addition, the Observatory for Human Rights reported that Israeli forces continue to forcibly hide detainees and subject them to torture and brutal violence “from the moment of arrest until the moment of releasing some of them.”

Euro-Med stated that the Israeli army “detains detainees for long days without a clear reason, subjects them to cruel and degrading treatment, and deliberately humiliates them, in addition to forcing them to chant for Israel, and insult and insult Palestinian factions and figures.”

He stressed that some detainees were subjected to bargaining and blackmail operations in order to cooperate with the army and the Israeli Shin Bet, “in exchange for easing their torture or obtaining some of what were called privileges and their release.”

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor called on Israel to immediately reveal the fate of the forcibly disappeared detainees, including revealing their names and locations, and to bear its full responsibilities towards their safety and immediately stop torture and ill-treatment.

The human rights body noted that these violations “come in the context of the crime of genocide committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip since October 7 of last year.”

He called on the International Committee of the Red Cross to assume its responsibilities, verify the conditions of Palestinian detainees, and “conduct an immediate and impartial investigation into the circumstances of the death of all detainees who have died in Israeli prisons since Israel began its war on the Gaza Strip, and hold those responsible accountable and provide justice to the victims.”

Since October 7, 2023, the Israeli army has been waging a devastating war on Gaza that, as of Tuesday, left 27,585 martyrs and 66,978 injured, most of them children and women, according to the Palestinian authorities, and caused massive destruction and an unprecedented humanitarian disaster, according to the United Nations.

After being accused of bias towards Israel, CNN remains silent regarding the Guardian report

A report by the British newspaper “The Guardian” accused CNN of bias towards the Israeli preacher and imposing strict and severe censorship on the Palestinian side’s point of view in covering the war on Gaza. While the American network remains silent regarding what was stated in the report.

A report by the British newspaper ” The Guardian ” stated that CNN employees “were encouraged to spread Israeli propaganda and censor the Palestinian side’s point of view.” The American network has not issued any comment to date on the matter.

The report, which was published with the title: “CNN employees say the organization’s pro-Israel stance leads to abuse of journalism,” said that the American network is facing violent reactions from some of its employees over editorial policies.

According to the report, employees of the network who refused to reveal their names say that it adopts the Israeli narrative and imposes censorship on Palestinian viewpoints in the network’s coverage of the war on Gaza.

One network employee said that most of the news since the war began, no matter how accurate the initial reports, “was skewed by the systematic and institutional bias within the network toward Israel.”

He added that CNN’s coverage of the Israeli war on Gaza amounts to “journalistic malpractice.”

According to accounts by network employees, and more than a dozen internal memos and emails obtained by The Guardian, daily news decisions are shaped by a flow of direction from CNN headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, which has set strict guidelines on coverage.

It includes severe restrictions on quoting Hamas and conveying Palestinian views, while the Israeli government’s statements are taken as is.

Journalists complained that the content they wrote from Gaza became pro-Israel, after approval by the Jerusalem office before publication.

A journalist at the network told the Guardian that all reports are edited by selected individuals with an institutional pro-Israel bias.

They often use language and phrases to absolve the Israeli army of responsibility for its crimes in Gaza, and to downplay the number of Palestinian deaths and Israeli attacks, according to what the journalist told the Guardian.

CNN continues to remain silent about the report’s contents, and has not yet responded to public opinion’s questions.

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