Togo: Gnassingbe calls for a rereading of the new Constitution

Togolese President Faure Gnassingbe asked Togolese deputies, Friday evening, to reread the new constitutional law passed by parliament on the night of March 25.

A press release from the Presidency of the Togolese Republic, distributed on social networks, states that it is in view of the interest aroused within the population by the text (of constitutional law) since its adoption, that “the President of the République asked today (editor’s note, March 29, 2024) to the President of the National Assembly to carry out a second reading of the adopted law.

If the constitutional revision proposal were adopted, Togo would move from a presidential regime to a parliamentary regime. The president would no longer be elected directly, but by the National Assembly, for a mandate of seven years, instead of the current five, renewable once. The Assembly would also elect a President of the Council, at the head of the government, endowed with significant powers. 

 Faure Gnassingbe, who succeeded his father as head of state nineteen years ago, is facing an unprecedented outcry from the opposition and civil society, who accuse him of to want to remain at the head of the country indefinitely.


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