The Washington Post: The Biden administration agreed to provide planes and bombs to Israel

The Washington Post reported that the US administration agreed in recent days to provide military aid to Israel, including F-35 aircraft and hundreds of bombs.

Sources in the Pentagon and the US State Department told The Washington Post that the new military aid includes more than 1,800 Mk-84 bombs, weighing more than 900 kg, and 500 Mk-82 bombs, weighing more than… 225 kg.

Last week, the US State Department agreed to provide 25 F-35 aircraft worth $2.5 billion.

It is noteworthy that the approval to provide aid was based on previous authorization from Congress, and therefore it was not necessary for the administration to specifically inform Congress of this aid.

This comes despite the disagreements between Washington and Tel Aviv regarding the expected Israeli operation in Rafah, as some members of Congress called for suspending the provision of weapons to Israel until the latter pledges to take measures to reduce civilian casualties during its expected operation in Rafah.

In turn, an unnamed White House official said: “We continue to support Israel’s right to defend itself, and setting conditions for it to receive assistance was not our policy.”

The Washington Post indicated that the Israeli government did not comment on the information about the US administration’s approval to provide this military aid.

This comes in the wake of the visit of Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant to Washington, during which he asked Washington to expedite the provision of military aid.

US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Charles Brown said on Thursday that Israel “has not yet obtained everything it asked for.”

Following his statements, the Pentagon was quick to clarify that there had been no change in Washington’s policies regarding providing assistance to Israel, and that the United States “continues to provide security assistance to its ally Israel while it defends itself against Hamas.”


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