The United States will not punish Israeli officials who incite violence against Palestinians in the West Bank

White House Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby announced that the United States does not intend to impose sanctions on Israeli officials who incite violence against Palestinians.

 Kirby said during a new press conference held on board the presidential plane heading to Detroit, Michigan: We do not currently intend to impose sanctions on Israeli officials.

He added: Perhaps it would have been better to direct the question to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and they, in turn, would explain why they chose these four individuals.

Earlier, the US State Department announced the imposition of sanctions on four Israeli citizens “involved in acts of violence against civilians in the West Bank.”

Kirby added: I do not know what may appear in the future, but this is a new tool (sanctions) that we intend to use properly.

The American official pointed out that US President Joe Biden said on more than one occasion that the violence in the West Bank must end.

“The president made this clear a long time ago,” Kirby said. “This must all end. This is unacceptable not only in the West Bank, but for the Palestinian people as a whole.”

Earlier on Thursday, Biden signed a decree allowing US sanctions to be imposed on Jewish settlers involved in violence in the West Bank.

In protest against the continuation of the war supporters of Palestine block major roads in Washington

American police announced that pro-Palestinian activists closed main roads in the center of the American capital on Thursday in protest against the continuation of the war in the Gaza Strip, and at least eight people were arrested.

A Washington Police statement indicated that security forces arrested eight people during the demonstrations that took place this morning. It is not unlikely that there will be other arrests in other areas of the state.

For its part, the Palestinian Youth Movement wrote on Instagram that more than 20 demonstrators were arrested by security forces.

Circulating pictures indicate that the demonstrators closed the roads near the Lincoln Memorial.

Activists indicated that the protests were aimed at drawing attention to the “genocide” committed by Israel in Gaza, and funded by America.

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