The Israeli Army: 31 soldiers were injured during the past two days in the Gaza battles

The Israeli army announced today, Tuesday, that 31 soldiers were wounded in the Gaza battles during the past two days, while the total number of its wounded since October 7 reached 3,130, including 490 in serious condition.

The Israeli army said that 31 members of its ranks were injured in battles in the Gaza Strip during the past 48 hours, and that the number of its wounded since the beginning of the war reached 3,130, including 1,509 wounded since the beginning of the maneuver in the Gaza Strip on October 27, 2023.

The Israeli army added that among the total number of injured, there were 490 severe cases and 831 moderate cases.

He announced that the total number of his deaths since October 7 reached 596, including 252 soldiers and officers killed since the start of the ground maneuver.

The Israeli army acknowledged that 39 soldiers were killed by mistake as a result of operational incidents in the Gaza Strip.


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