Things broke apart this week on WWE SmackDown in the opening segment with Roman Reigns and the Tribal Court. He betrayed his cousins after pretending that he would finally step aside and hand Jey Uso the keys to the kingdom. However, there was a moment in the middle of it where Solo Sikoa again teased betraying Reigns.

Earlier, Roman Reigns appeared to have had enough and even said that he was “done” before handing over the reins to Jey Uso and that he didn’t want it anymore. Instead, as always, he turned his back on them, hitting him with a low blow. He did this at the last moment, having already broken down in tears.

However, there was a moment after that, when Sikoa took out Jimmy Uso, who had attacked Reigns, that it looked like there was another turn coming. Sikoa looked at Reigns and then down at his feet where the Tribal Chief’s lei was lying. He seemed to be considering taking it for himself, and he looked down on it.

Solo Sikoa finna be the one to beat Roman Reigns and end this historic run. There’s no doubt in my mind right now #SmackDown https://t.co/LgsTAH67i0

There was even a moment when Sikoa would hand it over to Reigns, but he hesitated. It was clearly all about a future turn, but it never came. For the moment, he remains loyal to Roman Reigns.

Do you think Solo Sikoa will turn on Reigns? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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