Former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell spilled the beans on Trump and Giuliani and what she revealed to Fani Willis was devastating.

Powell was asked if Trump ever was told by anyone that he lost the election, and she answered, “Oh, yeah. Who? Uh, Pat Cipollone, Eric Hirschman, Derek Lyons, all thought he’d lost. Was that in the December 18th meeting? Yes. What, what was, um, President Trump’s reaction when, I guess this cadre of advisors would say you lost? It was like, uh, well, they would say that and then they’d walk out and he’d go, see, this is what I deal with all the time.”

Powell was asked, “What was President Trump’s sense of what you would do as special counsel?”

She answered, “I guess he assumed and I would have thought that I would have looked at putting into effect a provision of 13848 that would have allowed the machines to be secured. In four or five states.”


Sidney Powell confirms that Trump was told in the White House that he lost the election. Her testimony is different from the 1/6 Committee because she was an eyewitness to Trump being told that he lost.

Trump having knowledge of his defeat is important, because it goes to his motive. Trump’s defense is that he was using his free speech rights to challenge an election. However, if Trump knew that he lost, his actions were part of a criminal conspiracy to overturn an election.

Powell and Jenna Ellis confirm that Trump never intended to leave the White House after he lost.

Trump’s former lawyer also confirmed that she was in direct communication with Trump consistently about the plot.

Donald Trump has been directly implicated in crimes against the people of Georgia, and it doesn’t look good for the former president.

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