Welcome to The Gateway Pudnit’s Weekend Review!

We hope you’re having a better week than former VP Mike Pence who was OBLITERATED by Tucker Carlson during Blaze Media’s Presidential Summit.

When asked about his thoughts on failing American cities, the answer Pence gave will SHOCK YOU! Shortly after, Tucker appeared at TPUSA’s Action Summit in Florida where the crowd gave him a warmer welcome than expected. Was it related to his takedown of VP Mike Pence? Well, Tucker made some sly comments about Pence during his speech, but we will let you judge that one for yourself after watching the video.

We also continue to track the ongoing debt forgiveness that Biden has implemented, seeming to defy the Supreme Court ruling that struck down his previous billion dollar federal loan forgiveness resolution. Additionally, Bud Light continues to lose sales while its conservative competitor continues to gain ground. We are all rooting for the patriots who want to provide beer without the trans agenda! Agreed?

Lastly, we touch on the unfair trial of J6 defendants and encourage our readers to share the article, as well as their story on twitter until they receive a fair trial like all Americans are entitled to. 

Elijah Schaffer really enjoys your feedback, so please drop your comment below and share your opinion on the stories we covered today! Also, don’t forget to spread the link on your social media pages and get this video out to everyone who enjoys unfiltered news.


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