Russian Ambassador to Armenia Sergey Kuperkin stressed Moscow’s interest in maintaining peace and stability in the South Caucasus region.

Koperkin indicated in an interview with Sputnik Radio that external forces that are unfriendly and hostile to Moscow are trying to work against Russian interests in the South Caucasus, and that these hostile forces view this region as a political tool against Moscow and influencing Russian-Armenian relations.

He said: “Russia’s position is completely clear. The South Caucasus is a vital region for us, and Russia has always played and will play an important role in the South Caucasus, because it is in our interest for this region to enjoy peace and stability.”

He added: “Russia’s enemies view the dramatic events in the South Caucasus as an excuse and an opportunity to act against Moscow. Unfortunately, this is the situation and it has its negative impact, which is a worrying factor that must be taken into account. Personally, I hope that what unites us with Armenia will be stronger than attempts to stir up discord in our relations.” And attempts to undermine Russia’s position and role in the South Caucasus.”

He concluded that any attempts to create unrest in Armenia and the Caucasus region and exploit it for opportunistic geopolitical purposes from any party will be met with a harsh Russian response.

Netherlands: The situation in Rafah is very worrying

Dutch Foreign Minister Hanke Bruins Sloot warned of the deteriorating conditions in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, amid rising possibilities of Israeli attacks on the region.

Bruins Slott wrote on her account on the “X” website (formerly Twitter): “The situation in Rafah is very disturbing, and it is difficult for large-scale military operations in a densely populated area not to lead to many civilian casualties and a major humanitarian catastrophe. “This cannot be justified.”

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant and other Israeli officials announced in recent days that “the Israeli army will expand its ground operation to Rafah to dismantle the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military arm of Hamas, in the city of Rafah.”

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