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Chinese-owned and operated Tiktok continues to wreck havoc on the American republic. An exclusive report from former Gateway Pundit reporter Tayler Hansen unveils how they are letting Mexican drug cartels smuggle human beings into America and his report contains some surprising information.

Hansen said he recently travelled down to McKinney County, Texas to ride along with the Sheriff’s Department. While traveling with Deputy Molinar, Hansen learned how Mexican drug cartels are targeting Americans for smuggling jobs.

Hansen reported:

He showed me one example of an ad on TikTok, and within minutes of looking for myself, I found more than a dozen ads that were blatantly advertising smuggling jobs for the cartel. As I was engaging with these ads, I realized one had an information label from TikTok that read: “Participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt.

As Hansen writes, the video below is classic example of the human smuggling utilized by the cartels. It also shows how to smuggle illegal aliens past border patrol, chats between the smuggler and the organizer, and then the reward that comes after.

Despite this illegal activity, Tiktok allows cartel recruiters to remain on the platform and organize the smuggling operations. Hansen notes that these horrific activities are occurring while conservative Americans are silenced on the platform.

TikTok is well known for being the platform with some of the strictest censorship, but despite that, they seem to be more concerned about Americans voicing their political opinions than organized cartels recruiting Americans to commit multiple felonies via human smuggling.

Hansen then spoke with Sheriff Brad Coe who revealed a shocking piece of information: 99.99% off the smuggling recruits they encounter and arrest are American citizens.

Coe also had more surprises: these Americans come from all walks of life from wealthy attorneys to national guards. At the end of the day, the primary motivation is nothing but good old-fashioned greed.

We’re seeing all walks of life. We’ve had those that are hurting for money, they’re in a bind financially and are looking to make an easy buck. We’ve picked up a couple attorneys that have been smuggling.

Recently, we caught two girls from active duty, or at this point in time, I think they were National Guard or active duty smuggling. So we’ve seen it all. I ran a check on one kid; he was out of the DFW area. Checked to see where he lived, did a little background looking. And of course he’s living at home, his folks are living in like a $600,000 house.

So I don’t think he was here for the money; I think he was here for the thrill. And then there are those who want to make a name for themselves, or try to join a gang or do whatever to get into part on that clique to make the easy money. It’s just not worth it.


Here are four additional examples Hansen uncovered showing how Americans are recruited.

Hansen’s infatigable reporting also revealed the enormous rise in human pursuits thanks to Tiktok.

Kinney County used to have an average of one pursuit a year, with officers averaging about two or three pursuits over their entire career. Fast forward to now, and some Kinney County sheriff’s deputies find themselves in two or three pursuits a night.

In February of 2023, there was a high-speed pursuit every day of the month, with some days having multiple. These are not even including the pursuits Kinney County sheriff’s deputies assist the Texas Department of Public Safety with. In 2022, Kinney County Sheriff’s Department set a record of close to 200 pursuits in one year.

Hansen next explains how the cartel often manages to circumvent cops. They utilize WhatsApp to spy on the live location of the smuggler and drop one location pin at a time.

During the smuggling process, the member of the cartel in charge of who oversees that the operation goes smoothly watches the live location of the smuggler and regularly checks in with them via WhatsApp. Often times, they will drop one location pin at a time, in an attempt to circumvent the police receiving information from smugglers that are caught and arrested.

Unlike other platforms, no effort is made by Tiktok to remove the content. It’s almost like they want America to suffer.


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