Regular contacts to develop a strategy for victory Obama intervenes to help Biden defeat Trump again

The American network “CNN” published a lengthy report in which it revealed the scenes of the former US president’s visit to the White House last week and his intervention to help current President Joe Biden defeat Trump again.

The American network says, “Barack Obama spent several hours last Friday in the family dining room of the White House, visiting his former Vice President, Joe Biden.”

She adds that the mood was cheerful when the two men exchanged jokes, noting that the meeting was a nice meeting of sorts for the two presidents’ employees, many of whom knew each other from their time in the White House during the Obama era.

CNN reported, citing sources, that Obama made clear to his colleagues in recent months that he believes that the intense confrontation between Biden and Donald Trump in November will be incredibly close, and that the 2024 elections represent a moment of “comprehensive confrontation.”

Sources indicate that his return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue last week was largely a business visit.

The network explains that Biden and Obama, along with former Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, celebrated at the White House the fourteenth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, and Obama said in a video clip: “We have an opportunity to do more, but this will not happen unless we send Joe and Kamala Harris home.” “White in November…so, we have to keep working.”

Off camera, Obama told Biden that he believed the president’s State of the Union remarks earlier this month were effective and had impact, according to people familiar with their conversation. 

Obama also stressed to Biden how much he believes health care will be a strong and politically important issue in the upcoming elections.

The sources reported that Obama and Biden speak regularly, and the former president remains in direct contact with some senior White House officials, including Biden’s chief of staff, Jeff Zients, who worked in the former president’s administration.

CNN indicates that the former president extends a helping hand to Biden from time to time, especially through appeals for public fundraising and in quiet conversations, hoping to allay some Democrats’ concerns about Biden seeking a second term. 

Obama’s involvement in Biden’s campaign is expected to intensify with the start of the general elections, and his aides said that he has already agreed to appear in several campaigns before November.

Obama’s biggest embrace of Biden’s reelection efforts comes Thursday at a star-studded Manhattan fundraiser featuring Biden, Obama and former President Bill Clinton, and the three presidents will sit down for a rare conversation moderated by Stephen Colbert.

This will not be a routine meeting of the Presidents Club. When Clinton and Obama take the stage at Radio City Music Hall, their appearance will highlight the extraordinary moment in American history as a sitting president engages in a bitter battle to prevent his predecessor from gaining power.

A senior strategist who worked closely with Obama and Biden told CNN on condition of anonymity: “No one can speak to frustrated Democrats better than President Obama, but there are limits to what Obama can do. The burden of winning this race is not “It still falls to President Biden.”

Over the next seven months, one of Obama’s specific areas of focus will be to make fundraising appeals and help motivate young Americans, especially black and Latino voters, who campaign advisers see as a weak point for Biden’s candidacy.

Obama did not hide his concern about the Israeli war on Gaza, which has become one of the biggest challenges facing Biden, whether in foreign or domestic policy, in addition to reproductive rights.

Obama has no plans until the fall when early voting begins, following the pattern he has adopted since leaving office.

His aides said no firm travel plans have been made yet, but the former president is likely to visit college campuses in the fall as well as major cities in states witnessing significant election momentum.


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