Peter Doocy claimed on Fox News that Biden never mentioned his birthday during the White House turkey pardon, but that was a lie.

Doocy claimed:

Biden said, “And by the way, it’s my birthday today. They can actually sang birthday to me. You know, it’s difficult turning 60.”

Video of President Biden:

Fox News, along with Republicans and every other conservative outlet, are pushing the false idea that Biden is hiding from his age because they are running the 2016 playbook of trying to make the 2024 presidential election about Biden instead of Trump.

When elections are about Donald Trump, Republicans lose, so there are all sorts of false narratives being created about Biden’s age.

However, a significant difference exists between a false narrative and lying on national television.

Republicans don’t want to discuss all of the many and vast issues surrounding Donald Trump, so they make it appear that Biden’s age is the most pressing issue in American politics.

As Biden was joking about his age, Trump’s lawyers were arguing in appeals court trying to get a gag order lifted in the federal criminal 2020 election case against the former president.

Fox News and Peter Doocy couldn’t stick to the facts, so they made up a story about Biden’s age.

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