While trying to humiliate President Biden, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) humiliated herself by showing nude photos of Hunter Biden during a House hearing.

Video of Greene:

I won’t transcribe Greene’s remarks as she was talking about Hunter Biden and prostitution. Rep, Greene was not making any sense as she seemed to have him confused with her friend Matt Gaetz as she appeared to Hunter Biden of being involved with taking people across state lines for sex.

Hunter Biden is not a government official. He does not work in his father’s administration.

There was no legislative or investigative purpose to showing naked pictures of Hunter Biden at a House hearing.

Greene did reveal that point of the conspiracies that Republicans are pushing isn’t to conduct government oversight but to embarrass President Biden.

The only reason to show naked pictures of Hunter Biden was to embarrass the president.

Marjorie Taylor Greene didn’t embarrass Joe Biden. She didn’t embarrass Hunter Biden. The congresswoman from Georgia only embarrassed herself with a stunt that was beneath the Oversight Committee, beneath the House of Representatives, and beneath the behavior expected from a member of Congress.

There is no such thing as a bottom when it comes to the behavior of Marjorie Taylor Greene.


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