Democrat strategist and former Bill Clinton staffer James Carville has outraged members of his own party by saying that Democrats are dominated by “preachy females.”

He is not far off. He was basically referring to AWFLs – Affluent White Female Liberals.

Even if it’s true, Carville wasn’t supposed to say this out loud.

The Hill reports:

Carville: ‘Too many preachy females’ are ‘dominating the culture of the Democratic Party’

Democratic strategist James Carville argued “too many preachy females” in the Democratic Party could be to blame for President Biden’s bleeding support from key voters.

In an interview published Saturday with New York Times opinion columnist Maureen Dowd, Carville voiced concerns about the culture of the Democratic Party and how it could be impacting Biden’s support among voters, especially those that are male.

“A suspicion of mine is that there are too many preachy females … ‘Don’t drink beer, don’t watch football, don’t eat hamburgers, this is not good for you,’” he said. “The message is too feminine: ‘Everything you’re doing is destroying the planet. You’ve got to eat your peas.’”…

“If you listen to Democratic elites — NPR is my go-to place for that — the whole talk is about how women, and women of color, are going to decide this election. I’m like: ‘Well, 48 percent of the people that vote are males. Do you mind if they have some consideration?” Carville said.

AOC went out of her way to prove his point.

Other leftists chimed in:

Do they realize that they’re proving his point?


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