Trump’s super PAC spent $50 million of donor funds that supporters thought were being used to return the former president to the White House on lawyers.

How Much Did Trump’s Super PAC Spend On Lawyers In 2023?

The New York Times reported that Trump’s super PAC spent $50 million on lawyers in 2023:

Donald J. Trump piled up legal expenses in 2023 as he was indicted four times, spending approximately $50 million in donor money on legal bills and investigation-related expenses last year, according to two people briefed on the figure.

It is a staggering sum. His lone remaining rival in the 2024 Republican primary, Nikki Haley, raised roughly the same amount of money across all her committees in the last year as Mr. Trump’s political accounts spent paying the bills stemming from his various legal defenses, including lawyers for witnesses.

Mr. Trump has been directing 10 percent of donations raised online to Save America, meaning 10 cents of every dollar he has received from supporters is going to a PAC that chiefly funds his lawyers.

President Biden has been piling up record amounts of cash on hand while Trump is being crushed by legal bills. The big outdoor MAGA rallies have vanished because Trump can’t afford to put them on anymore.

Legal expenses matter because every penny that Donald Trump has to spend on lawyers is money that won’t be spent on helping him return to the White House. It will be difficult for Trump to compete with Biden for the votes of swing state voters if he can’t afford advertising.

Trump has his PAC and the RNC paying legal bills for him, but it is still not enough. 

Donald Trump will be at a severe cash disadvantage in 2024, and his legal bills will be a reason why.

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