When a reporter asked KJP about a mental competency test for floundering Joe Biden, she replied, “I’m not a medical doctor.”


When asked, “When can we talk to the President’s doctor?” KJP ignored the question and walked away.


The Biden regime is desperate to cover for old Joe because they know how bad his condition really is.

When asked who is helping Biden run the country since his mental health has been repeatedly brought into question, she answered, “The President of the United States runs the country; the commander-in-chief runs the country.”

At this point, not many people buy it.


Regardless of what the press secretary says, it is evident that Joe Biden has been deteriorating. TGP reported Thursday that he screamed at a reporter after he asked a question about sharing classified documents.

“I did not share classified information with my ghostwriter! I did not! I guarantee you I did not!” Biden shouted even though the special counsel said he read aloud classified passages “nearly verbatim” to Zwonitzer on at least three occasions.


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