Kevin McCarthy told reporters that he is hearing that people are now going to vote for Trump because he has been indicted multiple times.


McCarthy said, “The Justice Department treated the Biden family one way, and now found a new way to go after their political opponent in (former) President Trump. I don’t think it’s just (former) President Trump who would be frustrated. I think Americans would be frustrated. Because as I go across the country, that is what I’m hearing. I hear from people who say, ‘You know what? I never voted for President Trump, but I am going to vote for him now based upon how he is being treated because if they can treat him that way they can do that to any American.’”

Any American who steals classified documents shows them to other people, and then hides them from the government should be prosecuted. What is happening Trump should happen to anyone who steals classified information. Speaker McCarthy doesn’t seem to be making the point that he thinks he’s making.

Let’s clear something up. When Kevin McCarthy travels across America, he is not interacting with Democrats and Independents. Speaker McCarthy travels the country raising money for House Republicans. Those people who are committing to vote for Trump are Republicans.

The Speaker’s story loses all impact if he says that he hears from Republicans that are going to vote for Trump, so he had to invent some imaginary voters who are so outraged with an alleged criminal being held accountable that they are going to vote for the criminal to run the country.

It sounds silly because it is.

McCarthy’s comments may have been dictated to him by Trump because they sound just like all of the imaginary people that Trump peppers his stories with at his rallies.


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