Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) said there is no difference on the age issue between Biden and Trump and the real choice is between virtue or corruption and sleaze.

John Fetterman Had Some Things To Say About Biden’s Age

Fetterman said during a call with reporters:

Now, you really have a very, very stark choice between the former president and the current president about this as well too. The NRA was led by a grifter – now that is under trial – and now the GOP is led by a grifter – in how many trials? I’ve lost count, maybe three or four. … But now we have a very, very stark choice here and it’s very, very simple. Do you want [for] your next president, more assault weapons and more deaths of gun violence in our nation? Or do you want a president that wants fewer assault weapons and fewer tragic gun deaths in our nation?

I do believe that when people are going to have that choice coming down there in the voting booth – what kind of four years do we want? I believe that the president is going to carry Pennsylvania just like he did in 2020. And it’s going to be competitive, of course, but it’s going to be these kinds of events that are going to really spotlight the kind of stark choice that we have, both in Pennsylvania but also in our nation, on what kind of direction do we want. Do we want chaos or order?

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Later Fetterman laid out the choice between Biden and Trump, Do we want order over chaos? Do we want truth over lying? Do we want virtue over more corruption and sleaze?”

Sen. Fetterman also talked about the age issue, “Trump is going on 78. And the president is 81 years old. Is that meaningful? Of course not, it’s the same. They are older folks, and they’re our choices.”

Fetterman nailed it.

All of the talk about Biden’s age is a distraction. Republicans want voters to be distracted by Biden’s age and not look at what Trump plans to do if he returns to the White House.

Trump wants a national abortion ban. Trump wants to take healthcare away from millions of Americans and intends to cut taxes even more than he did during his last term for the wealthy and corporations. Trump is on the wrong side of almost every issue that the American people care about.

Once character issues, corruption, and criminal charges are factored in, the choice should be easy for a majority of voters. Voters can choose a decent incumbent president who is trying to improve their lives, or they can support an alleged criminal who could be a convicted felon by election day.

Biden’s age is the new Hillary’s emails that Republicans are using to distract voters from Trump.

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