Rudy Giuliani had his old pal Bernie Kerik working for him on the Trump coup plot, and now Kerik has turned over thousands of pages of documents to Jack Smith.

CNN reported:

Former New York Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik was part of the team led by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani trying to uncover fraud that would swing the election in favor of Trump.

For months, Kerik had tried to shield some of the documents from investigators, citing privilege.

But in recent weeks, Kerik gave the documents to the Trump’s 2024 campaign to review. After that review, the campaign declined to assert privilege, according to Kerik’s lawyer, Tim Parlatore, who turned over the documents to Smith’s office on Sunday.

“I have shared all of these documents, approximately 600MB, mostly pdfs, with the Special Counsel and look forward to sitting down with them in about 2 weeks to discuss.” Parlatore said.

The 1/6 Committee got nowhere with Kerik, but Jack Smith has documents including research and witness statements related to the plot to overturn Trump’s defeat in 2020.

Giuliani has not received a target letter in Jack Smith’s investigation, but he has voluntarily met with Smith. Kerik is scheduled to be interviewed by federal prosecutors next month.

Smith’s possession of the documents is another sign that federal prosecutors are going to be able to put together as close to the full story of Trump’s attempted coup that has been told so far. The 1/6 Committee did great work that has been built upon by the Department of Justice, but the DOJ has more tools and resources at its disposal to get answers.

Donald Trump looks to be in serious legal jeopardy in the 1/6 investigation. The people who worked on the plot are talking to federal law enforcement, and the one person that they are almost certainly discussing is Donald J. Trump.



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