Hungry dogs of Gaza attack deer in Israel

Stray dogs attacked Kibbutz Magin in the northwest of the Negev Desert in the Beersheba district, east of Khan Yunis, last night and ate 7 spotted deer in an animal reserve on the kibbutz.

According to Israeli media, since the outbreak of the war, hundreds of stray dogs have infiltrated from the Gaza Strip into Israel, most of which reach the assembly areas where Israeli army soldiers reside, and many of which reach the settlements.

Tomer Naseman, a veterinarian at the Nature and Parks Authority, said, “After the Hamas attack, the Nature and Parks Authority met with the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Agriculture, and volunteers from organizations to help the affected residents and animals in the Western Negev. Some animal populations were completely evacuated, and some were partially evacuated, such as Rukn.” Animals in Kibbutz Magin, whose caretakers have tried throughout this difficult period to preserve and care for the animals.”

He pointed out that “despite the Nature and Parks Authority’s call to deal with the problem of stray dogs from Gaza and not to tolerate their harm to the health and safety of the public, wild animals, farm animals, and pets, dogs still pose a threat,” adding: “This morning we received an unfortunate report about 7 A spotted deer in the animal corner was killed by a group of stray dogs from Gaza.”

He stressed that “the reality of stray dogs in the western Negev is devastating.”

In turn, Kibbutz Magin’s deputy rabbi, Ohad Draisman, said: “This is a serious accident that caused serious harm to wild animals in the animal corner and poses a danger to children on the kibbutz and requires treatment by the ministries.”


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