How do we use the Internet safely?

Today, the Internet is considered one of the basic things we rely on to work and obtain information, but some standards must be taken into account to preserve the confidentiality of our data from being hacked.

Technology experts point out that the problem of data breaches has become one of the main problems that many Internet users suffer from. Therefore, to ensure the confidentiality of browsing data, users must clean the cookie lists and browsing history on their devices every now and then, as well as remove unnecessary messages from email records, and remove Unnecessary data and images from phones and computers.

Among the things that experts also stress is the use of well-known applications and avoiding applications of unknown origin, as some currently widespread applications may contain malicious software that hackers exploit to access user data.

To avoid the risk of hacking, Internet users must stay away from using public Wi-Fi networks that are sometimes available in airports or some places, as these networks may not be sufficiently secured and infiltrated by some hackers who collect their users’ data for specific purposes.

When using e-mail, you must not open messages from unknown sources, and do not click on any anonymous link either, as these links may be a tool for hacking the user’s data. When using social networking sites, you must exit the site page after completing use, and you must also pay attention to the information that the user shares. With those sites.

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New application from “Sber” for iOS systems

The Russian “Sber” Foundation announced the launch of a new application called “Electronic Accounting”, which can currently be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.

The institution advised beneficiaries of its banking services to download the new application as long as it is available for download in the App Store, and stated that users of old versions (12.14.1, 12.15, and 13.3) of Sberbank Online applications are advised to download the new application as well.

The institution indicated that it will remove technical support for old versions of Sberbank Online applications, and that these applications will stop working on iOS systems during 2024.

As a result of the international sanctions that were previously imposed on the Russian “Sber” Foundation and “Sberbank” Bank, many of their applications were removed from the App Store and Google Play electronic stores in 2022, and the Foundation tried to launch many applications to secure electronic payment services for its users.


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