Google is bringing the artificial intelligence search feature to its phones

Google announced that it has begun introducing a new feature in modern Pixel phones, through which searches can be performed using artificial intelligence.

According to the available information, the new circle to search feature will be available on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 pro phones, and will be similar to the search features that Samsung introduced in the recently launched Galaxy S24 phones.

Using this feature, the user can identify any item or thing that appears on his device’s screen by drawing a circle around it or marking it with lines, so that the phone can search for it on the Internet and give the user information and data about the thing he is searching for.

What is also distinctive about this technology is that it takes advantage of generative artificial intelligence for quick searches within other applications on Android systems. The new feature also enables the user to specify words or passages of written texts to perform searches for them.

This feature is an important step to develop the work of phones based on artificial intelligence techniques, and complements the Lens features that Google previously introduced to users of computers and smart devices, and it is expected that many similar features will appear in smart devices in the coming years.

Tesla recalls 2.2 million cars

The American company Tesla recalled approximately 2.2 million cars to update its software.

According to a statement published on the website of the United States Highway Safety Administration, two million 193,869 cars will be recalled due to defects in them.

The Associated Press reported that the warning lights on the indicators have a smaller font size than required by federal safety standards.

This may make it difficult to read important safety information, increasing the risk of accidents.

In December 2023, Tesla recalled more than two million cars in the United States to fix problems in the automated driving system.

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