Fulton County DA Fani Willis has moved to revoke the bond of Harrison Floyd for social media posts that tried to intimidate witnesses.

Willis’s motion:

Floyd was charged with influencing witnesses and soliciting false statements and writings, as he was part of the Trump operation against Ruby Freeman.

There appears to be a message that is being sent by the DA to Trump that he will not get away with using his social media accounts or other platforms to intimidate witnesses in the Georgia RICO case. Willis has undoubtedly seen how Trump has behaved in the federal 1/6 case and his civil fraud trial in New York.

DA Willis appears to be trying to get ahead of any witness intimidation before the former president has a chance to make it happen. She is also establishing precedent so that if Trump does attempt to intimidate witnesses, her office will be right there to revoke his bond.

Donald Trump better pay attention because Fani Willis isn’t playing.

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