Earlier this year, Shannon Sharpe decided to end his time with FS1 early. Following a Hall of Fame career in the NFL, he is most known as Skip Bayless’s co-host on “Undisputed.”

When Shannon Sharpe first walked away from FS1, many expected him to find something new soon. With his outrageous personality he is adored by many who tune into morning sports talk shows.

Amid recent reports, something new could be right around the corner for Sharpe. He could potentially join ESPN as Stephen A. Smith’s new co-host on “First Take.”

As most know, ESPN has been going through a bit of a shake up as well. Last month, news surfaced that the network was letting go of over 20 on-air personalities. Among those who were let go include Jalen Rose, Jeff Van Gundy, and Max Kellerman.

Following these lay offs, there is new opportunities up for grabs at ESPN. Part of why they made the cuts was to open up room for fresh personalities, but it’s not every day that a free agent like this comes along.

Would Shannon Sharpe be a good fit alongside Stephen A. Smith on ESPN?

It goes without saying that Shannon Sharpe would be an excellent fit for ESPN and First Take. He and Stephen A. Smith are both big personalities, which could lead to some great television.

Along with being a good fit personality wise, Shapre is also good for ESPN from a professional standpoint. Stephen A. Smith has covered the NBA for years now, and Shapre is a former NFL star. If he were to come aboard, this would give their flagship show two experts in the biggest sports in the country today.

The initial feeling might be that two alpha personalities like that wouldn’t be able to co-exist, but that isn’t the case here. Smith and Sharpe are two professionals that have a lot of respect for one another. This doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be dust-ups, but the two would likely have a much better relationship than he and Skip Bayless.

Not long after this reporting got out, fans have already begun giving their thoughts on the possible addition. Some feel that the two of them pairing up would be similar to that of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal on the LA Lakers.

With Sharpe’s departure from FS1 happening at the same time as ESPN’s major changes, it feels like perfect timing for the two sides to come together.

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