Former Neurosurgeon and Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson is endorsing Donald Trump in the 2020 White House race and listed his reasons for doing so in a recent op-ed.

There are many, and Dr. Carson explains them in his usual clear, concise manner.

‘We Need a President Who Will Always Stand Strong’

Carson wrote, “Our economy is being devoured by inflation, our border is being overrun, our cities are rife with crime, our children are being indoctrinated in school, our government is being weaponized against its people, Israel is under attack, and our country is being laughed at on the world stage. We have very serious problems confronting our country right now, and they require courage and bold leadership.”

“We need a president who will always stand strong, who will tell it like it is, and who will put our country first,” he added.

Carson continued:

For this reason and so many more, I’m endorsing Donald J. Trump for president of the United States and I encourage all my friends in Iowa to caucus for him on Jan. 15.

Trump’s first term saw a great renewal of the American spirit and the traditional values that made our country the greatest on Earth. He ended federal taxpayer funding for abortion providers and vigorously defended the religious liberty of pro-life groups. He affirmed and defended the conscience rights of religious Americans, fought back against critical race theory, radical gender theory, and other toxic left-wing ideologies in our government and schools, and championed a positive, inspiring, and unifying understanding of American history and identity.

Trump named nearly 300 conservative judges to the federal bench, including three Supreme Court justices, dedicated to interpreting our Constitution as written. Most consequentially, Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett were pivotal votes in overturning Roe v. Wade last year and delivering the greatest victory for pro-life Americans in 50 years.

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Carson added, “Under Trump, we also had a strong economy, a secure border, no new foreign wars, and peace breaking out in the Middle East for the first time in decades.”

He makes a fair point. Well, many fair points.

Trump Would Do Things Differently Than What Biden is Doing Now – Especially in the Middle East

For all the criticism he receives, Carson correctly notes the many ways in which Americans’ lives were better when Trump was president.

The likely Republican nominee also strikes a different tone on the most pressing foreign policy issue at the moment – the conflict between Israel and Gaza – than current President Joe Biden.

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Trump spent his time in the White House becoming an international deal broker. And not just any. He took on what people have been calling impossible for decades: Peace between Israel and some of her Arab neighbors. Among those deals we find the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Sudan, and Bahrain.

Would it get better under another President Donald Trump? Time would have to tell, but the historical records are clear.

But readers should at least ask this: Can it get any worse?

Ben Carson doesn’t seem to think so.

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