House Democrats like Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) are calling out House Republicans like Speaker Mike Johnson for caving to Trump and killing the border bill.

Moskowitz told CNN’s Jake Tapper:

The speaker said no because Donald Trump said no. The speaker is Donald Trump’s no boy on this subject. I’ll give Republicans credit for a second. They have been highlighting the border for a long time. And we were late — we were late to start addressing it. But now that we want to address it, now that we want to lower the amount of fentanyl coming in, now we want to deal with nondocumented folks, now we want to deal with supposed terrorists potentially coming into the country, now the Republicans controlled by one man are saying, no, no, no, we need this for next ten months, we need more of it for next ten months so we can use it in the election. Both things are true here. This is why people hate Washington. Both things are true. Now that we’re here at the table, Republicans are like, no, no, let’s walk away…The bill is dead. The bill is dead. Donald Trump said the bill is dead. The bill is dead.


House Republicans are making a terrible political move by following Donald Trump’s lead, which is something that they have done thousands of times since they allowed the former president to take over their party.

Democrats may take back the House majority because Republicans sacrificed themselves for Donald Trump’s likely to fail presidential campaign.

It is easy to understand why Speaker Johnson opposes the bill. Donald Trump said to kill it, so now it is dead.

The border was a political strength for Republicans, but thanks to Trump, it could soon become a weakness.

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