Democrats are taking the threat of third-party presidential candidacy by No Labels seriously as Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Ben Wikler warned that beneath the No Labels label is a Trump logo.


Wikler told CNN’s Jim Acosta when asked about No Labels, ” You know, if you peel off the No Labels label, you see the Trump campaign logo underneath. The best way to think about no labels is a kind of desperate gambit. A desperate gambit funded by mega Republican super donors that will ultimately just pull voters away from Biden and open a path for Donald Trump. That’s why they are not actually finding traction among grassroots activists, among really anyone except a small circle of mega-donors on the right. That is a real issue, I think, for them and really belies their branding.”

With state presidential election races determined by such small margins, a well-funded third-party candidate could pull votes away from President Biden and send Donald Trump back to the White House.

I don’t think a nationally unpopular Democrat like Sen. Joe Manchin is necessarily the answer that No Labels thinks he might be.

However, as anyone who lived through the 2000 election can tell you, it only takes a third-party candidate doing well in a few states to tip an entire presidential election.

Democrats aren’t sleeping on the No Labels threat, and they are making it clear that No Labels does have a label, and it is Trump 2024.




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