This week’s episode of AEW Collision got off to a hot start when CM Punk made his way to the ring to cut one of his most impassioned promos in the Tony Khan-led promotion. Not only did The Voice of the Voiceless hype up his monumental match with Samoa Joe, but he also took the time to pay tribute to the late, Owen Hart.

AEW has done an impeccable job of showing respect to The King of Harts in recent years. The Owen Hart Foundation Cup is treated as a major tournament in the Jacksonville-based promotion. The huge bout between CM Punk and Samoa Joe is a sharp indication of this.

The Regina, Saskatchewan audience welcomed Punk during the opening segment of tonight’s Collision, which is somewhat a contrast to how The Second City Saint has been received on other nights. Nonetheless, he had some important points to get off his chest.

He thoroughly detailed his history with Samoa Joe, noting how he has never scored a victory over his long-time adversary. But, more notably, Punk emphasized the significance of Owen Hart in the careers of many stars in the AEW locker room.

He even went as far as to lead an “Owen” chant that spread throughout the arena — a classy, heartwarming touch to say the least.

CM Punk and Samoa Joe’s rivalry dates back decades

It’s impossible to record the highlights of CM Punk and Samoa Joe’s outstanding in-ring careers without mentioning the other. Their famed trilogy from the early days of Ring of Honor is still regarded by many cult fans as one of the best three-part series to ever take place inside a wrestling ring.

Both men have since gone on to have sensational spells in other promotions but now find themselves back under the same roof. Whether they can live up to the standard set in their previous encounters remains to be seen. However, fans will undoubtedly be drawn into the bout regardless.

They will meet in the semi-finals of the Owen Hart Tournament tonight on Collision, but many will be considering this as the sentimental climax of the entire competition.

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