Brazil: Heavy rains kill at least 12 people

At least 12 people were killed due to a violent storm that struck southeastern Brazil, especially the mountainous region in the state of Rio de Janeiro, where authorities described the situation as “critical.”

The Rio state government confirmed that four people were killed in the collapse of a house and a small building in Petrópolis, a tourist town about 70 kilometers from the state capital.

Saturday, an operation was carried out to rescue a little girl who had spent 16 hours under the rubble, and her father’s body was discovered near her.

Luis Claudio de Souza (63 years old), a neighbor and owner of a local bar, said, “The father heroically protected the little girl with his body and she was saved. We are in pain, but we are grateful for this miracle.”

Petrópolis Governor Claudio Castro warned Friday on social media that the situation in the area was “critical” due to “heavy rains and the flooding of the Kitandina River.”

In total, Rio state recorded seven deaths since Friday due to rain, including deaths in Teresópolis, Santa Cruz da Serra and Arraial do Cabo, according to the government.

The Civil Defense of Espirito Santo confirmed the death of four people in the south of the province on Saturday afternoon.

Two children were injured and taken to hospital on Friday in rain-related accidents on the coast of Sao Paulo.

The National Institute of Meteorology predicted a “severe” storm, especially in Rio, with rain falling at an average of 200 mm per day between Friday and Sunday.

This rate exceeds the historical average of 141.5 mm for the entire month of March.

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said in a post on the He expressed his sympathy for the victims, and said that “his government is working with the local authorities.”

Brazil is suffering from the effects of climate change, and is witnessing frequent natural disasters.


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