Biden-Harris 2024 campaign co-chair Cedric Richmond called out Ron DeSantis for pandering to extremists with racism about slavery.


Richmond told CNN’s Jim Acosta, “Factually, he’s wrong. Slavery had zero redeeming qualities. It further illustrates how far this Republican Party and these candidates are going to the right and to cater and pander to extremists in order to get support. And I think that Governor Desantis, his campaign has been floundering. He’s been looking for attention. And I think that he is now embarking on going as far to the right as he possibly can just to see if he can be the extremist candidate.”

Former Rep. Richmond later added, “I think that Governor Desantis has been going to continue to run to the extremists because he doesn’t have a record to stand on and he will continue to push the culture wars, if not just flat-out racism in order to get a base and catch a foothold in the Republican primary. I think that is, I hope that Americans can see right past it. And I don’t think that you can say there were redeeming qualities to enslave many. I don’t think that you can bash the Vice President Of The United States with such an atrocity.”

Accusing DeSantis of using racism to help his campaign is very strong language. However, it is also true. DeSantis is trying to use racism after his war on woke has been a complete failure as a national presidential campaign issue. Ron DeSantis is losing the Republican primary badly to a guy who might end up being a convicted felon by Election Day 2024.

The Biden campaign isn’t going to let any candidate spread racist views and racism, especially not Ron DeSantis.

Gov. DeSantis is getting a taste of life in the political big leagues, and so far, he is not holding up well.


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