The Biden campaign responded to Trump’s post-court press conference by calling the ex-president feeble, weak, confused, desperate, and tired.

Trump’s press conference, during which he was in denial about his upcoming criminal trial, was met with a strong response from the Biden campaign.

Biden-Harris campaign spokesperson James Singer said:

Donald Trump is weak and desperate – both as a man and a candidate for President.

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He spent the weekend golfing, the morning comparing himself to Jesus, and the afternoon lying about having money he definitely doesn’t have.

His campaign can’t raise money, he is uninterested in campaigning outside his country club, and every time he opens his mouth, he pushes moderate and suburban voters away with his dangerous agenda.

America deserves better than a feeble, confused, and tired Donald Trump.

Trump does appear to be weak and desperate. The ex-president keeps trying to politicize his legal problem by blaming President Biden for prosecutions that were caused by his own decisions and behaviors.

Donald Trump is clearly desperate, lying about money that he doesn’t have and hoping that his literal get-of-jail card, which is a return to the White House, is going to come through for him.

Trump didn’t hold a single campaign event last weekend, which broke his streak of campaigning one day a week on Saturdays. The former president also lost his temper when a reporter asked him if his reduced fraud bond meant that he would spend money on his presidential campaign.

The Biden campaign has Trump’s number, and while the presumptive Republican nominee spends his days trying to scheme ways not to become a convicted felon, President Biden is campaigning and defining his November opponent.

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