Antonov: Terrorism and hybrid war on the part of the West will not force Russia to change its course

Russia’s ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, said that the terrorist attacks and hybrid war waged by the West will not force Russia to change its course or foreign policy.

Commenting on the American reaction to the Crocus tragedy, the ambassador added: “There will be no changes in Russian foreign policy and in the course of President Vladimir Putin, especially after the elections. Nothing like this will happen. Such cowardly attacks will not change our line and course, and we will continue our work.”

The ambassador pointed out that it was the West in particular that chose the line of hybrid war with Russia and insisted on continuing it.

He said: “As for the various proposals that appeared in the media, and the statements of officials, I believe that it is still too early to draw any final conclusions. I believe that the relevant Russian institutions should be given time to analyze all the information received. There is no doubt that the militants’ attempts to flee to… “The border with Ukraine after the terrorist attack on Friday evening raises questions. Why there in particular? What does all this have to do with it? They tried to flee to Ukraine even though they knew very well that these borders today are seriously fortified.”

According to him, doubts and questions raise the desperate attempts to hold ISIS responsible for the Crocus terrorist attack .


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