AA announced that 552 cameras in Buthidaung were confiscated : Myanmar

The Rakhine Army (AA) announced on March 26 that the infantry battalion (Chamber 552) based in Buthidaung, Rakhine State was captured on March 25.

The Khmer 552 Battalion under the Buthidaung Operations Command Headquarters (15th Battalion) started attacking on February 24th, and the military council side said that the land, It was written in the statement that they were able to take over the entire camp after more than a month due to fierce air defense.

In this battle to take over the camp, the military council used weapons and ammunition. He also said that some of the bodies and those who had surrendered had been captured, and that the military council soldiers who had escaped were being hunted down.

RFA called General Zaw Min Tun, the spokesman for the military council, to ask questions about the AA statement, but he did not receive an answer.

It is also written that thousands of surrendered military council soldiers and their family members are being well cared for in Palewa areas.

He also said that the AA has blocked the Rang Cheung border guard station in Maungdaw for almost a month and is on the offensive to completely seize it.

Rakhine state near the Myanmar-Bangladesh border. The Rakhine Army (AA) also stated in a statement that on March 25, nearly ninety members of the military council surrendered near East Rakhine Village in Taman Son Village, Maungdaw Township.

In more than four months of the comeback battle in Rakhine State, North Oo, Stone you plate map Brahmin Island forest The towns of Rumbre and Palatwa in southern Chin State have been captured by the AA.


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