A source reveals the relationship between one of the perpetrators of the "Crocus" terrorist attack and mass arrests in Turkey

Sources revealed to Sputnik that one of the perpetrators of the Crocus terrorist attack was linked to Tajik and Afghan ISIS militants in Turkey, and that Turkish security arrested 40 suspects after Russian security interrogated him.

The agency quoted its sources as saying, “At the beginning of this year, the terrorist Fereydoun Shams al-Din went to Istanbul, which raised many questions among his friends, as he began to show signs of extremism after communicating with relatives from there, but he said that he had visited Turkey with his friends and wanted to work.” there”.
The source added that 40 people suspected of involvement in ISIS activity were arrested in Turkey based on the information provided by Shams al-Din during his interrogation in Russia.
He added: “It is believed that at that particular time Fereydoun underwent the necessary training to carry out the terrorist attack at the hands of guides who fought in Afghanistan and Syria in the ranks of ISIS.”


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