Instagram users have warned each other about a new feature that may accidentally reveal private secrets.

The new update includes the ability to know who is on an individual’s “close friends” list on Instagram. Until now, this information has been confidential, as knowing who is considered a close friend could cause repercussions or other problems.

The Close Friends tool on Instagram allows people to choose specific friends they trust most, and put them on the list. Users can then share Stories with only those friends, and they will be off limits to anyone else.

However, in a new update that will be rolled out this week, Instagram now allows people to also share posts with their close friends only.

However, this can be dangerous, since posts include likes and comments, meaning anyone on your “Close Friends” list can see who else is on the list as well.

“We hope this opens up more ways to be more authentic on Instagram while having more options about who can see your content,” Instagram said in its announcement.

But it also led to numerous warnings from TikTok users and others, that users should be aware that they might accidentally put their privacy at risk when uploading such a post, and that they should be aware that they might be making their close friends list more public.

The new update is used by sharing a post as usual, then pressing the “Audience” button and choosing “Close Friends.”

“Microsoft” saves you from the “embarrassment” of sudden video calls!

Technology giant Microsoft has launched a new tool called “Background Decoration,” which can be activated during emergency video calls.

The tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the background in video calls. Here, we are not talking about just a quick arrangement, but the tool can also add decorations and atmosphere appropriate to the nature of your calls.

Microsoft announced the new tool at the Ignite conference this week. “Make meetings more fun and personal by decorating your background. Meeting participants can now use creative background effects in Teams to show their best, even when the space they’re working in isn’t at its best,” she said.

Users can choose from three options: clean, luxury or celebration.

The cleaning option skillfully arranges your wallpaper, removing items from the floor and scattering items on the shelves.

The luxurious option adds twinkling fairy lights. Meanwhile, the Celebration option adds a festive Christmas tree and gifts behind you.

The feature will launch in early 2024 for Teams Premium users.

This news comes shortly after a study revealed how your background in video calls affects the first impression you make.

Researchers from Durham University say that people who sit in front of houseplants or bookcases are considered the most trustworthy.

On the other hand, people who use new backgrounds, such as beaches or animals, are considered the least efficient, according to the study.

Russian expert: The development of artificial intelligence could undermine the desire for creativity

Professor at the Law Faculty of the Russian Higher School of Economics, Mikhail Fedotov, described the replacement of creativity in production with the implementation of standard protocols as the main risk resulting from artificial intelligence.

He said at the forum “Ethics in the field of artificial intelligence “GPT generation, red lines” that the development of new technologies, including artificial intelligence, increases the risks of “roboticization” of society where humans will not strive to achieve real results, but rather to implement standard business protocols and provide reports. .

He added, “The main danger does not lie even in those implants that can be implanted in the human body, but in the application of progressive algorithms in production processes in various fields, including medicine, secondary and higher education, culture and science, which leads to replacing true creativity with the implementation of standard protocols.” Followed by rigorous and detailed reports.

He pointed out that there is a desire to use artificial intelligence technologies on a broader scale in the mentioned fields, which could help reduce the share of human labor.

Human labor is less amenable to codification and algorithmization, he said. But this does not mean that humans should be automated and turned into robots. We are now witnessing the process of replacing creativity with the real by imitating creativity on the other hand, replacing treatment with health care and replacing science with scientific measurements. Culture is also replaced by statistics of seats in theaters and the number of visits to museums. We are achieving goals that are completely different from those faced by society and civilization.

It is noteworthy that the Forum on Ethics in the Field of Artificial Intelligence “GPT Generation, Red Lines” was held on November 16 at the TASS Agency with the support of the Presidential Office and the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, as well as the Ethics Committee in the field of Artificial Intelligence.


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