27 massacres within 24 hours in Gaza and about half of the victims of Israeli raids in the south

For the 33rd day in a row, Israeli warplanes continue their raids and bombardment of homes and buildings in various areas of the Gaza Strip, resulting in the death of 40,000 Palestinians, including martyrs, wounded and missing, and the displacement of about 1.5 million. 

For the 33rd day in a row, on Tuesday/Wednesday night, Israeli warplanes continued their raids and bombardment of homes and buildings in various areas of the Gaza Strip, resulting in the death and injury of Palestinians. On Tuesday, the occupation committed new massacres in Deir al-Balah, al-Maghazi and al-Shati camps, and in the Zaytoun neighborhood. It also targeted by bombing a building belonging to al-Shifa Hospital and the vicinity of the Indonesian Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip.

The occupation forces launch raids and artillery shelling on more than one axis in the Gaza Strip, while the bodies of dozens of martyrs are scattered in the streets of Gaza City in light of warnings of a health disaster. International and international organizations condemned the occupation forces’ bombing of water tanks, bakeries, and solar panels, and warned against depriving Gazans of the necessities of life.

Palestinian Ministry of Health spokesman Ashraf Al-Qudra announced that the death toll from the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip since October 7 reached 10,569 Palestinians, including 4,324 children, 2,823 women and 649 elderly people, with more than 26,000 Palestinians injured.

Al-Qudra added in a press conference on Wednesday, “The Israeli occupation committed 27 massacres during the past hours, claiming the lives of 241 martyrs.”

He continued: “49% of the victims in the past hours were from the southern Gaza Strip, which negates the Israeli occupation’s claim that they are safe areas.”

Al-Qudra stated that the Ministry of Health received 2,550 reports of missing persons, including 1,350 children still under the rubble since the start of the aggression.

He continued: “Hospitals are currently working on secondary generators to operate intensive care units, operating rooms, and emergency departments only, and the rest of the hospitals are without electricity.”

He added: “The Israeli occupation increases the threat to hospitals and reiterates its request to evacuate Al-Rantisi Specialized Hospital for Children, which puts the lives of the sick and wounded and thousands of displaced people at risk of death.”

Al-Qudra called on the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross to “be present inside the hospitals to stop the Israeli threats, protect the health system, and allow their crews to carry out their humanitarian tasks.”

He called for “immediate action to provide a safe humanitarian corridor for the entry of medical supplies, fuel, and medical personnel, and for the exit of thousands of wounded.”

Continuous raids

On Wednesday morning, an Israeli raid targeted a school housing displaced people near the Ansar Junction in Gaza City. While Palestinian medical sources reported that the number of martyrs in the Israeli bombing of homes in the center of the Jabalia camp, north of the Gaza Strip, had risen to 9. Israeli warplanes bombed a number of Palestinian homes in the Al-Alami neighborhood and the Jabalia camp, resulting in three martyrs and more than 16 wounded.

The Palestinian News Agency (Wafa) reported that, “At dawn on Wednesday, the Israeli occupation aircraft renewed its bombing of the Nuseirat Camp in the central Gaza Strip, and targeted a house for the Wahba family in the Nuseirat Camp in the central Gaza Strip, which led to the death of a number of martyrs and the injury of a number of Palestinians who were transferred to Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in the middle of the Gaza Strip. Sources added, “There are a number of citizens still under the rubble of the destroyed house.”

The occupation aircraft also bombed one of the towers in Sheikh Zayed City near the Indonesian Hospital, north of Gaza City. Tonight, Israeli occupation aircraft and artillery carried out intense raids and bombardment on Al-Shati camp and the vicinity of the Intelligence Towers area, northwest of Gaza City, in conjunction with the launching of lighting bombs into the airspace of the western region. The Palestinian News Agency reported that the Tal al-Hawa neighborhood, southwest of the city, witnessed Israeli air strikes that targeted homes and apartments, causing martyrs and injuries among citizens.

On Tuesday, dozens of Palestinians were martyred and injured, as the bodies of 13 martyrs arrived at Nasser and European Hospitals, following Israeli raids on several areas in Khan Yunis Governorate, south of the Gaza Strip. The bodies of 15 martyrs also arrived at Al-Shifa Medical Complex, as a result of the bombing of the homes of Palestinian families in the Al-Tawabin area in the Al-Shujaiya neighborhood, east of Gaza City.

Targeting the Red Cross

On Tuesday, the International Committee of the Red Cross announced that its convoy carrying humanitarian aid in the besieged Gaza Strip had come under fire, and the committee stressed, in a post on the X platform, the necessity of respecting humanitarian aid workers in the Gaza Strip.

The committee said in its publication: “The International Committee of the Red Cross condemns and regrets the shooting at the humanitarian aid convoy in Gaza. We are deeply concerned about the shooting at the convoy in Gaza today.”

For its part, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society accused Israel of targeting the humanitarian convoy, saying that it “was carrying medical and food aid to health facilities, including the Society’s Jerusalem Hospital.”

Due to the severe shortage of fuel and the inability to provide it during the past days, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society decided to stop the electrical generators in Al-Quds Hospital after nine o’clock this morning, Wednesday. The association also decided to “stop the surgical operations department, in addition to relying on oxygen cylinders and stopping the oxygen generation station in the current period, in addition to not operating the large generator and relying on the small one.”

In the same context, the Palestinian Energy Authority in the Gaza Strip announced that 70% of the transmission and electricity distribution networks in the Gaza Strip were destroyed.

The head of the Energy Authority, Jalal Ismail, said that the material losses resulting from the destruction of the electricity network reached 80 million dollars.

For its part, the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, continues to target military vehicles and tanks penetrating the northern Gaza Strip, as it said, on Wednesday morning, that it destroyed a tank and a troop carrier of the Israeli occupation forces north of the Tawam Roundabout with two “Al-Yassin 105” shells.

The occupation army storms Birzeit University and several cities in the West Bank and arrests dozens, including women

The Israeli occupation continues to storm West Bank cities and arrest dozens of citizens daily, in a scenario that has been repeated daily with more violence since October 7. The occupation forces stormed the campus of Birzeit University and destroyed the belongings of the university’s student staff.

The Israeli occupation forces stormed, at dawn on Wednesday, the campus of Birzeit University, north of the city of Ramallah. Local sources said that the occupation forces forced the university guards to open their doors, as 6 military vehicles entered the campus and destroyed and vandalized the belongings of the university’s student staff.

This came after the occupation forces stormed the town of Birzeit, where the soldiers fired live bullets at a young man, wounding him, without providing more details about his condition.

The University Council had decided to switch to e-learning since October 9, in view of the escalating attacks by the occupation forces and colonialists in the West Bank, and because of the expected risks resulting from blocking roads with the military occupation checkpoints and the policies of collective punishment pursued by the occupation authorities.

Continuing raids and arrests
The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club announced that Israel arrested at least 65 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank at dawn on Wednesday, bringing the number of detainees there to 2,280 since last October 7.

The Israeli occupation forces stormed the city of Jericho and surrounded a house in the Aqabat Jabr camp, while a young man was injured by occupation bullets in the city of Hebron, after storming several neighborhoods there and arresting 16 citizens, including women and journalists, in addition to wounding at least 3 citizens and arresting 10 others during the storm. The massive attack carried out by the Israeli occupation forces, at dawn on Wednesday, in the city of Qalqilya.

In the city of Nablus, confrontations broke out between Palestinian youths and the occupation forces, after the latter stormed the village of Tal, and arrested Lina Rayhan, the mother of the prisoner Moamen Rayhan, and his wife, Raghad Ramadan. In the town of Aqaba, north of Tubas, the occupation forces arrested two young men, in addition to several citizens from Silat al-Dhahr. , Jenin City District, and stormed several villages, including Masliyah, Raba, Triangle of Martyrs, and the town of Zababdeh.

In the same context, large forces from the occupation army stormed, on Wednesday morning, Shuafat Camp, north of occupied Jerusalem, completely closing its entrances and preventing movement there. Local sources in the camp reported that the family home of the child Muhammad Basil Al-Zalbani (14 years old), who the occupation accuses of killing a border guard soldier at the Shuafat camp checkpoint last February, was besieged in preparation for its demolition. The storming operation was accompanied by attacks on school students and citizens and preventing them from moving.

Bethlehem Governorate was not spared from the raids, as the occupation army arrested 11 citizens from different areas in the governorate, and also arrested citizens from Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate, and stormed the town of Abu Dis, east of occupied Jerusalem, and arrested two citizens.

The crimes of the Israeli occupation forces and their abuse of the Palestinian people in the West Bank have increased, through campaigns of raids, intrusions and daily arrests. They have killed 163 Palestinians since October 7, and 371 since the beginning of this year, and arrested more than 2,280 in the West Bank.

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