Sister Wives star Meri Brown handles herself just fine when a fan offers up a disparaging comment over something they’ve seen on the TLC show. She seems to ignore those folks in the audience who reprimand her for sticking around her shared husband. This season, her best friend, Jenn Sullivan, joined her in a few episodes. Now a new train of thought emerges from some fans, and Jenn quickly puts an end to it.

Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown Dating?

Now that Meri Brown made it very clear that her marriage to Kody Brown is over, fans want to know if she’s dating. Believe it or not, it sounds like she is. Those photos of her that showed up online over the past few years with men have all been pictures of her and her friends.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Jenn Sullivan
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One man in several of her photos is a close friend of Meri’s. She is also friends with this man’s husband as well. So, while headlines promised this is the Sister Wives celebrity’s new love interest, that wasn’t the case. Now all of a sudden, fans see Meri laughing and having a ball with Jenn, and the rumors spin.

On a recent Fridays with Friends, the online show Meri and Jenn do together, one fan commented on something that caught Jenn’s eye.  The fan saw them looking happy together, which is usually the case when hanging out with your best buddy. But instead, they suggested that the two were dating.

Meri Set the Record Straight Previously

A Sister Wives fan suggesting that Meri Brown and Jenn Sullivan are romantically involved is nothing new. Meri Brown addressed this previously both on Sister Wives and her online show. She’s made it very clear that Jenn has a husband, one whom this Sister Wives star considers a good friend as well.

During their Friday gig, both Meri and Jenn read the fans’ comments while airing live. Then, they also answer any appropriate questions coming from the online audience.

Meri Brown drops a disclaimer before each show that you won’t find any scoop on Sister Wives. Due to her contract, Sister Wives spoilers are out of the question.

But, this is how the comment about Meri and Jenn dating each other came to the duo. So, when Meri’s best friend saw it, she immediately jumped on it. She said she’s only dating her husband, once again shooting down that rumor.

But this is when she shares a little more info that Sister Wives fans were happy to hear.

Sister Wives: Don’t Count Her Out Yet

In a bizarre twist, Jenn stands her ground about being a married woman, but she adds something more. Since this was all about Meri Brown and the prospect of her dating, what her best friend said next was like an added scoop.

Not only did this best friend say that Meri Brown was dating, but Jenn shared that her husband is in the process of setting her up with someone. Then Jenn looks forward to double-dating with Meri.

Many Sister Wives fans are thrilled for Meri because Jenn is just like family to her. And from what fans have seen so far from her best pal, she has the Sister Wives stars back. So, it looks like this best friend has been a great influence on Meri Brown. Especially when it comes to getting her out of the doldrums after everything she’s gone through in the past few years, both on and off the TLC series.

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