Sister Wives star Meri Brown allegedly did something that sounds horrific in the eyes of some of the adult kids from this TLC series. During their recent online chat with fans, this topic came up again with Mykelti Brown Padron and her husband Tony Padron. But the problem is, no one knows just what happened that was so catastrophic for some of the kids to turn their back on the first wife for good.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron Dances Around Topic of Meri Brown

Mykelti Brown Padron and Tony Padron recently answered questions from their online followers. This happened during a live chat, and the topic of Meri Brown popped up. Fans wanted to know just what happened between the Sister Wives ladies. Specifically, Meri Brown and Christine Brown.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown
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That’s because Christine does not wish to have a relationship with this ex-co-wife. So, it seems this stems from the way she treated Christine’s kids while they were growing up.

Mykelti allegedly got the brunt of that treatment from Meri. But she won’t discount how her other siblings felt about it at the time. Several of the adult children have revealed their thoughts on this mom in the last few years.  But perhaps it was what Maddie Brown Brush said a few years back that shocked fans the most.

Is Meri the Monster Who Madison Brown Brush Feared?

Madison dropped some explosive words about someone in her Sister Wives childhood several years back. From what she said, an overwhelming assumption put Meri as the person who she called the  “monster.” Maddie also feared this person when she was a kid.

Now again in real-time, Mykelti and Tony bring up Meri and the past. They talk about the effect she had on all the Sister Wives’ siblings when they were kids. Christine’s daughter revealed that she would only be cordial to Meri today. But this mom of three said the original matriarch of their family will never have a part in her life, the lives of her kids, or her husband.

These two half-sisters were not the only adult Sister Wives kids to speak out. Paedon Brown also revealed something about Meri. Paedon said it was not “safe” around her when they were kids.

Gwendlyn Brown backed up her brother’s claims about Meri. She said she felt that Mykelti got the worst of it from the Sister Wives original matriarch. But after all this, fans are still missing something here.

Sister Wives: What Catastrophic Event Took Place?

With Tony and Mykelti answering questions again about Meri Brown, the Sister Wive fans want more today. While they’ve heard about the fear, the disgust, and the monster-like behavior, they still haven’t heard just what it is Meri did.

Sister Wives fans would never make light of someone’s childhood abuse. But they want to know why they say Meri was feared when they were kids. They also want to know what happened for her to be seen as a monster. So, what is at the root of all this disgust the adult kids talk about?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown & Family
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Meri has never addressed these allegations that the Sister Wives kids seem to come back to every so often. But they would like to make an informed opinion on just what went on. Was Meri the tough mom on discipline? The adult kids who have spoken out are the biological children of Christine Brown and Janelle Brown.

From just watching the Sister Wives series, it is easy to see that these two ladies have a more laid-back parenting style. So, did Meri attempt to intervene? Well, we could speculate until the cows come home.

That said, we won’t know what’s at the bottom of this “fear” from childhood that points to Meri Brown until someone offers the details. So, until someone from the TLC series offers the scoop on how this all got started, fans remain in the dark.

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