Human rights group demands to stop Rohingya repatriation program

Fortify Rights reported in a report released today that the government of Bangladesh is working with the military council that illegally seized power in Myanmar to repatriate the Rohingya.

We have also requested to stop this action immediately.

Fortify Rights says that the government of Bangladesh is trying to bring international justice to the Rohingya refugees, but on the other hand, it is violating Rohingya rights by not giving them the rights they deserve.

Militants are killing Rohingyas who are taking refuge in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi authorities are illegally arresting Rohingyas. The report pointed out that freedom of movement is not allowed.

On November 13, the United Nations Human Rights Council will discuss the human rights situation in Bangladesh. Fortify Rights has submitted a report with 15 recommendations to discuss the situation of the Rohingya.

The 2024 presidential-vice presidential debate is divided into six segments

Jakarta – The debate between presidential and vice presidential candidates in the 2024 presidential election will be divided into six segments.

This is stated in KPU Decree Number 1621 of 2023 concerning Technical Guidelines for Implementing General Election Campaigns, which was received in Jakarta, Thursday.

The presidential and vice presidential debate will be held for 150 minutes, with 120 minutes for the debate segment and 30 minutes for advertising breaks. The advertisements broadcast are public service advertisements prepared by the KPU.

The first segment includes the opening, reading of the rules and delivery of the vision, mission and work program; secondly, deepening the vision, mission and work programs; third, deepening of the vision, mission and work program by the moderator; fourth and fifth questions and answers and rebuttal; sixth cover.

The debate format for candidate pairs is carried out in a candidate-moderator format. Candidate pair debates and in-depth material will be guided by a moderator.

During the debate, candidate pairs can invite the Presidential and Vice Presidential Election Campaign Teams for each candidate pair and other invited guests. Candidate pairs’ debates are broadcast live and/or rebroadcast by national television stations.

Then, the specific theme of the debate will be prepared together with the panelists according to their field of expertise.

“The theme refers to the national vision as stated in the Preamble to the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia and guides the National Long Term Development Plan (RPJPN),” said the KPU Decree.

Meanwhile, the KPU is finalizing the schedule and location for holding the presidential debate in preparation for the 2024 presidential election before discussing it with the political party teams and winning teams for each pair of presidential and vice presidential candidates.

The KPU announces the debate schedule for candidate pairs via the KPU website and KPU social media.

Previously, Friday (3/11), the Indonesian General Election Commission (KPU) stated that the campaign provisions using the debate method in the 2024 Presidential and Vice Presidential Election (Pilpres) still refer to the same rules as the 2019 Presidential Election. “The provisions for presidential debates are still the same as “The 2019 presidential election is still based on Law Number 7 of 2017 concerning General Elections (Election Law),” said Indonesian KPU Chairman Hasyim Asy’ari at a press conference in Jakarta, Friday.

In his explanation, Hasyim said that the debate in the context of the 2024 presidential election would involve five debate sessions.

Of the five sessions, he continued, three sessions will be reserved for presidential candidates (capres), while the other two sessions will be an opportunity for vice presidential candidates (cawapres) to talk and debate about their vision, mission and views regarding leadership in Indonesia.

Re-digging rare earths in Chi Phue

Kachin State Residents told RFA today that they are now resuming mining operations in the Panwa area of ​​Chiphue Township, where rare earth mining operations have been suspended.

Many of the blocks have been suspended since last September because the military council will come to inspect the rare earth blocks in the Panwa region. Now, all mining activities have resumed, a metal worker, who did not want to be named for security reasons, told RFA.

“If we block, we will be closed for two weeks after hearing the news that there will be an inspection. Now they are all digging again. There is not much space to dig in Panwa, so many blocks are moving to Chi Phoe.

In addition, he said, because there is not much land left for mining around Panwa, Chinese companies are mining near Chiphue.

RFA reached out to Social Affairs Minister U Win Ye Tun, spokesperson of the Military Council of Kachin State, regarding the re-mining of rare earth minerals, but he did not receive a reply.

Kachin Special Region (1) In Panwa region alone, there are about 300 rare earth mineral mining blocks and more than 2,700 strong acid liquid tanks have been found, according to a report issued on August 9, 2022 by Global Witness, an American and British-based group that monitors the world’s resource mining.

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