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Naugatuck, Connecticut, police officer Nicholas Kehoss has been charged with third-degree assault for cruelty against a person after he fired his Taser three times at a man suspected of stealing $200 worth of beer, including after the man appeared to stop resisting arrest. Kehoss and another officer found Jarrell Day with several cases of beer in the back seat of his car. When the other officer tried to open the car door, Day drove off, and the officers pursued. After crashing into a pole, Day got out of his car and ran. When Kehoss caught up, bodycam video showed he fired his Taser, knocking Day down. Day rolled to his stomach and pleaded for Kehoss to stop, but Kehoss fired his Taser again, saying “you’re getting another ride.” According to ABC News, Kehoss has been disciplined several times during his 13 years with the department, most recently for using a “boxing-in maneuver” during a traffic stop that is not allowed by the department. Day was charged with robbery, larceny, interfering with an officer and resisting, reckless driving, and disobeying the signal of an officer.

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