On 90 Day Fiance, Justin admits that he is afraid of Nikki Sander‘s advances and fears she could eat him up. Ashley Michelle is getting more suspicious of Manuel‘s murky lies. No amount of bourbon can wash away Clayton Clark‘s sister’s suspicions. Sophie Sierra agrees to give Rob Warne a second chance. And the wrath of Jasmine Pineda continues when Gino Palazzolo‘s secret bachelor party is revealed. Buckle up and let’s ride into this recap of Season 10, Episode 7 Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace.

90 Day Fiance: Justin Is Afraid Nikki Sanders Will Eat Him

On 90 Day Fiance: Justin is nervous for Nikki Sanders to meet his family. While they know she’s transgender, Justin still wants her to make a modest impression especially when it comes to how she’ll dress.

Justin takes her shopping in a quest to make her under as a “normal Moldovan woman”. Of course, Nikki Sanders isn’t impressed with the racks of conservative clothing. She thinks one of the shirts looks like a doily on her grandmother’s table.

Nikki manages to put together a modest outfit from things she brought from home. Justin gives his approval and they are off to meet the parents. But they argue on the way since Nikki Sanders doesn’t feel that Justin is sexually attracted to her.

She brings up the night before when she was only rubbing his chest and he freaked. Justin admits he’s a little afraid of her and that “she will eat him”. Nikki cries and suggests she’s not the woman for him if that’s how he really feels.

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Michelle Can’t Trust Manuel

90 Day Fiance couple Ashley Michelle and Manuel don’t see eye to eye.  In therapy Ashley questions why she hasn’t met Manuel’s kids in spite of them marrying soon. He seems defensive about the issue.

After the therapy session, the pair head to a restaurant. Ashley takes the lead and orders up some appetizers and drinks. She’s feeling hopeful that they can continue therapy and make some progress. But he says he’s done with counseling.

This annoys Ashley. Plus he’s speaking to her in a disrespectful tone. And she calls him out on it. Manuel mocks therapy and suggests they are grown adults and should be able to figure out their problems on their own. Ashley is exasperated.

She’s also having a hard time trusting Manuel. Since he sprung on her that he has to send money back to family. But really it’s her who is paying the price. She suggests he’s grumpy and needs a nap. But he won’t even get in the car with her and says he’ll walk home.

Clayton Clark Can’t Bribe Sis with Bourbon

Things haven’t gone too well for Clayton Clark since his 90 Day Fiance Anali Vallejos arrived. She doesn’t want any intimacy and blames thin walls and his closet dwelling mom.

Clayton wants to show Anali a good time in his native Kentucky, so he plans a day of horseback riding. Anali does enjoy time at the ranch. But still hasn’t told her dad that she’s engaged. And lied about her reason for being in America. She suggests it would’ve been absurd to tell her dad she got engaged to Clayton after only 4 days.

So, she plans to bide some time and then reveal she’s marrying an American. Clayton Clark arranges for Anali to meet his sister. He arranges this at a bourbon tasting since his sister is kind of overprotective but loves to drink.

Even closet mom comes along and throws out some Spanish from the backseat. At the tasting, Clayton’s sister is nice at first. But it’s a real buzzkill when Anali admits her dad doesn’t know Clayton Clark exists. He offers his sis some more booze. But she storms off and says she’s going to cry.

TLC Star Sophie Sierra Accepts Rob Warne’s Rose

It’s going on a full day since Sophie Sierra moved out of Rob Warne’s dank crib on 90 Day Fiance. But in spite of the amenities at her new place, she still pines a little for Rob. After all she rationalizes, it’s still the same Rob.

In spite of his poor taste in internet browsing. Sophie caves after Rob sends an “I Miss U” text. She says he can come over so they can discuss his habit of online cheating. Rob Warne arrives with a single red rose. Dude. Come on you should’ve sprung for at least half a dozen.

Sophie Sierra is cold at first. She accepts the rose but makes him social distance on the couch. Rob Warne explains that it’s difficult being in a long distance relationship. And that he wouldn’t have fallen prey to internet vixens if Sophie hadn’t been an ocean away.

He suggests she smell the rose. And begs her to give him yet another chance. She agrees and lets him move closer while pouting about how she doesn’t have much choice. So it’s back to the outhouse again.

90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Pineda Snoops in Gino Palazzolo’s Closets

We last saw Jasmine Pineda crying in the rain in a parking lot in Michigan after finding a lip gloss on the floor of Gino’s car. Gino Palazzolo tells production he doesn’t understand why the “lip balm” triggered her so.

He tells her he didn’t cheat. That he never would. She sobs and accepts his embrace and just like that the drama is done. For now. Jasmine sets her sights on cleaning Gino’s place and working out. She has conversations with her dog Coco. And does Coco’s part in a cringey voice.

Coco the dog plays along on 90 Day Fiance. But he does look at the camera sometimes like he’s saying please get me out of these avocado pajamas and away from this dusty love story. Jasmine finds some mementos from Gino’s past.

Like an unopened box of lube, a notebook with the Spanish word for b*tches, a napkin from his 40th birthday party with his ex-wife and some old cards. Gino arrives home with doggy steps and a hat for Coco.

Jasmine demands to know why Gino still has all these things that are a reminder of his ex. Forgetting that she has 2 grand worth of silicone in her ass paid for by her ex Dane. Gino waffles about having a life before he met her.

But he’s about to not have a life at all. Gino’s cousin’s wife Michelle meets Jasmine for mani-pedis and casually lets it slip that Gino already had a bachelor party at the strip club the day before she arrived. Free Coco.

90 Day Fiance: Nick Ham and Devin Hoofman Bring the Normal

After all the crazy, there’s Nick Ham and Devin Hoofman on 90 Day Fiance. Nick plans a special day in South Korea. None of it involves horses, angry drunk sisters, internet infidelity or old boxes of lubricant.

But rather they choose traditional clothing (hanbok) and take some engagement pictures with a selfie stick. Devin is gracious and really seems to enjoy the clothing and architecture of Nick’s home country.

But it gets even better when Nick pulls out a ring to make it official. Devin Hoofman says yes of course. They take some more photos and look forward to the next step in their journey. Now that his family has given their blessing, Nick Ham will move to Arkansas, and they will get married. Previews show Nick getting ready to meet Devin’s parents when they arrive at the airport. Till next time!

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